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How to Use This Site

ConnCAN’s newly redesigned Report Cards Website assigns letter grades to every public school in Connecticut. That’s over 900 schools! We’ve worked hard to make all of that information easy to understand and to make the site easy to use.

Here is some basic information to help get you started. For a more detailed explanation, watch the video below. 

Vídeos en español
Para ver una introducción en español o un vídeo que explica cómo usar este sitio web, haga clic aquí.


On the Homepage

  • To get a high-level summary, or to find out how schools in a specific town or adjacent towns performed, select “map” on the homepage and type in the name of any town or city in Connecticut.
  • If you select “chart” and type in the name of a school, you get a detailed breakdown of that school’s grades.
  • To see the most recent data available, select “2013,” then click, “search.”

To Compare One or More Schools

  • On any school-specific page, click the “add school” button to compare up to four schools, and select the school you’d like to compare.
  • Click the arrows next to each heading to get more specific information on that selection.
  • Each line graph represents specific performance for a selected school - overall grade, mathematics, or the performance of specific subgroups. The graph represents how the selected school compares to all other schools, putting each grade in context.

Basic Navigation

  • Click the ConnCAN logo at the top-left of the screen to navigate back to the School Report Cards homepage.
  • Check out the "Quick Links" section at the bottom-left of the for our list of Top 10 schools or to read about our methodology.

Watch the “how-to” video for a more detailed explanation of how to use this site. 

What do our grades mean about the quality of Connecticut's schools? Click here to find out.

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